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Auger Features:
*Tube is constructed of 12 gauge steel
*Top overflow protection
*Constant velocity joint on the driveline
*Powder coat finish baked on
*Double tapered roller bearing at the top of the auger
*Iron Edge Plus flighting which is 50% thicker than standard flighting
*Scissor lift
*Low profile swing hopper   11 1/2 inches tall
*Airless tires on the hopper  

For more information, please visit the Harvest International website.

Swing Hopper Augers
H10-62   $  8,500
H10-72   $  9,300
H10-82   $  9,750
H13-62   $13,500
H13-72   $14,500
H13-82   $15,500
H13-92   $18,750
H13-102 $21,500
A10-72   $ 8,000 Cash- NO trades 

Swing hopper Hydraulic Drive  $1,250
10" or 13" Flex Spouts   $   150
10" right angle drive      $1,250 
13" right angle drive      $2,250

Truck Fill Auger
T10-32 PTO     $3,500
T10-42  PTO    $4,250 
T10-52  PTO    $4,950 
T10-32 Electric  $3,600*
T10-42 Electric  $4,350*
   *(electric motor not included) 
Flex Hopper      $625
Wheel Kit           $275 

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Phone: (507) 430-5144 (c) * (507) 644-5976 (h)  
Mike Woodford, Owner